Cricut Mat Tip — Just Learned!

Ok, for all of you Cricut users, don’t you dread the day that the paper doesn’t stick?  I HATE having to replace the mats.  I’ve heard about using a spray adhesive, but I’m always a little worried about that, because I don’t want it to be TOO strong, and then there’s the whole gumming up the machine thing.  I’ve done it, but it’s never been my favourite trick.

But.  This.  Is.  Amazing.

I learned it off the Creating Keepsakes Club CK board that I’m a member of.  It’s a fantastic resource for all things scrap and card and paper related.  One of the other MB members posted this tip there.

Anyway… here’s the tip.

Cleaning the mats with baby wipes removes the dust/oil/bits of paper…. and….. leaves it STICKY!  Perfectly sticky.  Fabulously sticky!  Wonderfully sticky!!!  USABLY STICKY!!!!!!

Actually, since I don’t have kids, I didn’t have any baby wipes on hand.  But I did have some handy wipes.  They worked just the same.

So, happy Cricketting!


3 thoughts on “Cricut Mat Tip — Just Learned!

  1. You can also use a Lint Roller!!! Yep. 😉

  2. Kathleen says:

    Thanks for the tip! I’ve been trying to figure out how to make them last longer. It seems like you only need to do a little bit of cutting and it’s already not sticky…so this is perfect. I bought baby wipes to clean my yudu with, so now they will be doing double duty!

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