My First Digi!

I’d love to be a digi guru.  It would be really awesome to be able to do the hybrid SBing stuff.  I’m afraid I’d never be completely satisfied with pure digi.  However, with my PhD commitments (amongst others!) I just never seem to have the time to learn!  However, with the launch of the new Club CK Website, I decided to issue an RAK Giveway for doing a LO about the new MB.  In order to start things off, I figured I ought to do one, myself.  Then, one of the girls on the MB (Annie) asked if I wanted to do a co-produced Double LO.  I thought that sounded like fun, so said, sure.  But, she’s in Nashville, I’m not even on the same continent!!!  So, that meant that the most practical solution was to do a digi page, so it could be emailed back and forth, and we could match colours, etc . . . Since I only have GIMP, which is a free editing software comparable to Photoshop, that’s what we used.  I did my left hand page, first, then altered the top banner to be a bottom banner for Annie, and emailed her both halves.  She then did her right hand page, and we posted them on the MB.  This is my effort.  I’m feeling pretty proud!!!  I felt it was pretty good for my first digi ever!


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