Journal Spots (Again)

There are two ladies in the Journal Spot Swap that are either not American (the ‘Crazy English Girl’ – who lives in New York) or are not living in America (‘EllyKay’ who’s American but lives in Canada).  Ok, so technically there are three…. because I live in England!  Anyway, the point is, I thought it would be kind of fun for them to have a patriotic spot for their other country.  They’ll still get the Bell, but they’ll also get this other one.  (The flag is the St George’s Flag, which is the actual flag of England.  That’s as opposed to the maybe more familiar Union Flag (red, white and blue cross?) which is the flag for Great Britain, because it’s the combination of the English, Scottish and Northern Ireland Flags.  Poor Wales, doesn’t get represented!)

The cross on the flag is flocked, and the little leaf is sparklie.


2 thoughts on “Journal Spots (Again)

  1. Jessie F says:

    Wow Adele, I love them both, what a great idea!

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