New Year’s RAK

Many of you will already be familiar with the idea of an RAK.  That’s a ‘Random Act of Kindness’.  Basically it means, I randomly feel like giving something away.  It’s just another name for a giveaway.

So, the RAK for the New Year?  To do with New Year’s Resolutions!  And Scrapbooking, of course.  Since I’m out of town (I’m even out of the Country!) and nowhere near any of my scrap supplies, I have to do my scrapping vicariously through you.  What you have to do is: Scrap about your New Years Resolution, then post it online and put a link into a comment, here.

Want a second chance to win?  Put a link on your blog to mine.  (Don’t forget to leave a second note with your name + your blog’s name, so I can give you credit.)  FB links count, too!

The RAK closes in 1 Week: Friday, 8th January 2010, at 7.00pm, Mountain Standard Time.

Happy Scrapping!


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