Another Christmas Gift Idea

This one’s more of a suggestion for a Pre-Christmas Gift.  It kind of happened accidentally.

I’ve been working on Gingerbread Houses for Church.  I had to do up enough to be sure that all the ladies would have one, plus a few extra if anyone brought a friend, or if breakage happened (because you KNOW it will!)  I ended up with 9 batches of Gingerbread, and a total of 33 homemade ‘kits’.  The kits consisted of a front, back, 2 sides and 2 roofs.  All very simple, no turrets or gables or towers or extra bits.  However, you can make them more or less complex as you want.

The church activity was yesterday, and the ladies had great fun putting their houses together and decorating:

This morning, I was really struggling with a quick and easy idea for something to give my PhD Advisor.  I wanted to giver her something, but I’ve been so crazy busy between Church, PhD, Job . . . that I simply haven’t had time to do anything else.  I haven’t done a single Scrapbook Page for over a month.  Or anything made for my Family for Christmas, much less come up with anything for anyone else!  So, I was working in the Kitchen (for the first time in a month I had 2 seconds to put together), and all the sudden saw the leftover Gingerbread Houses sitting there in their stacks.  And it hit me!  Perfect 😀  She’s got a 3 year old daughter.  This is something they can do together!  I wrapped up a set of the Gingerbread, and grabbed a selection of the sweets leftover from the activity and wrapped them separate.  I’m afraid my advisor will have to supply her own icing, but that’s the easiest thing to do.  *Edit*  Gave it to her today, and she nearly cried!  She loved it that much.  Great.  I get to get rid of stuff out of my house, and she feels the Christmas Love!  Win Win, I say.

So, if you’re looking for a fun idea for a Christmas Present, why not give a Gingerbread House Kit?  I altered (made it smaller) the pattern I found on this site, and used their recipe, too.  However, a quick Google will turn up loads of images of Gingerbread House Patterns, and there are millions of recipes.  Use the one that sounds/looks best to you.  You can make them as elaborate or simple as you want, design your own, or use someone else’s!  Great way to bring the smell of Christmas into your home, and share a Christmas Tradition, too.


2 thoughts on “Another Christmas Gift Idea

  1. Ree says:

    That is such a good idea. And I was in charge of this months activity here- I just did cards. I say Go You with your baking! You are an inspiration.

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