Large Paper Flowers

Aren’t these adorable? Paper FlowersThey’re super easy, and so eye catching.  I just learned how to do them yesterday.  That blue one up in the right hand corner is my very first attempt.  Cute, eh?  That’s how easy it is!  Success in one go.

First of all, let me clearly state, I did not create this technique.  But, I don’t remember where I got the instructions from (which is pathetic, considering I only learned yesterday).  So, here’s my version of the tut for these large paper flowers:

1 – Take a sheet of PP 5×5″

Paper Flower 1

2 – Fold it in half diagonally once

Paper Flower 2


Paper Flower 3

Three times.  I use a Popsicle Stick to help make the crease sharp.

Paper Flower 4

3 – Holding the triangle with the cut edge up, cut a semi-circle along the top, rather like you would if you were making a paper heart.  Sharp scissors are essential for this, as you’re cutting through several layers of paper.

Paper Flower 5Paper Flower 6

( If you want to ink the edges, I suggest doing so at this point.)

Paper Flower 7

4 – When you open the paper, you’ll discover this lovely flower taking shape.

Paper Flower 9

5 – Crinkle the paper up.  This does 2 things: 1 – gives it a lovely vintage feel.  2 – makes the paper easier to manipulate for the next steps.

Paper Flower 10

(If you want to do any additional distressing/inking, this is the point to do it)

Paper Flower 11

6 – Flip the flower upside down, pattern down.  Set your jumbo brad in the centre.

Paper Flower 12

7 – Gather the petals behind the brad, pinching along the tines of the brad.  Wrap a small elastic (1″) 2-3 times around.  You want to leave it as elastic as possible, whilst still cinching the paper in.  You should have something that resembles a Badminton Shuttlecock at this point.

Paper Flower 13Paper Flower 14Paper Flower 15

8 – Spread the petals back out, and set the tines of the brad.  This is where the elasticity of the rubber band is important.  The more stretch, the flatter your flower can be.

Paper Flower 16

9 – Ta da!  Now your flower is ready for any additional decorative touches (I quite like using a bit of bling/glitter).

Paper Flower 17

10 – Use on a project.

Paper Flower Book

If you need further instructions or additional clarification on any point, feel free to leave me a note here, and I’ll get back to you.


5 thoughts on “Large Paper Flowers

  1. Linda Gray says:

    That is wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing your know how 😉

  2. Really cute! Gonna have to try this. I have many little hair bands that would be perfect! TFS

  3. Kelliebean says:

    An excellent tutorial for a super-cute embellie! 🙂

  4. […] very impressive, but doesn’t take much time at all.  I’ve used the big flowers from this post to decorate the […]

  5. Jessie F says:

    Wow, these are so beautiful! These are on my to-do list for this week now!

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