Wish I’d Known Then . . .

I know, you probably think I’ve fallen off the edge of the world.  It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  It’s not actually true.  I just got swamped with PhD work.  But, I’m back on top of things, more or less.  I’ll be dropping out again in a couple weeks due to lecturing duties (Midterm essays are due.  I hate marking essays.  It’s shocking how often I say something to them, and they still get it wrong.  *sigh*)  But, for the moment, I’ve managed to finish the mini album for Grandma!  I’m really excited about it.

I made quite a lot of mistakes on this album.  For example, all the pages are the same orientation, ‘up’ is always where the holes are for the ribbon.  Now, if I’d been smart (or experienced) I’d have done every other page with the holes at the  ‘bottom‘.  That’s because as it stands, you have to flip the book around.  If I’d done it with alternating ‘up’, you could have seen both pages at the same time.  Oh, well . . . never mind.  I know for the next time!

One of the other things I learned was an accidental discovery.  About halfway through the process I inked the edge of my paper.  What I noticed was the punch that had.  Really gave a ‘finished’ feel to the page.  So, I went back and inked the edge of every page.  Love it.  Not only does it leave the page looking complete, but also, it adds to the thematic nature of the entire album.

That’s one of the other things I learned, though that was more or less planned.  When doing a mini, if you choose a colour pallet, stick with it.  For this particular album, I used the DCWV Latte Stack.  On one page, quite early in the album, I didn’t use that colour scheme.  And it stuck out like a sore thumb.  So, I had to go back and pull the page apart and start over.  NOT EASY when you’re using a permanent liquid glue.  Ended up having to use a craft knife/exacto blade to cut the top level of the chipboard off as well.  And managed to slice my finger open.  No fun.  So, I learned that if you’ve got a theme, don’t drop it.  Random colours work fine if the whole album is random.  But if you’re going for a theme, stick to it.   And, I quite like the thematic idea for a mini.  After all, you’re choosing a very small number of photos for a very specific reason.  They’ve got a theme, so you might as well augment that.

Something else I learned, though I haven’t had a chance to do anything about it, is that if you print the photos off in wallet size, that can help.  I’m not sure that it’s completely necessary, though.  But, it might be fun to have a play with.  I quite liked off centering the photos and letting them run off the edge of the page.  I also think that it will work with some photos better than others.  But, it’s something to keep in mind for the next mini.

So, that’s what I wish I’d known when I started.  Now on to the bits that you’re really interested in.  Photos!!


7 thoughts on “Wish I’d Known Then . . .

  1. Ree says:

    It turned out so good! I really, really like it!

  2. Lori Toney says:

    Love it!!!! I need you to give me lessons.

  3. Beth says:

    Adele, this turned out great!!!! Love it!

  4. reneelamb says:

    This is great Adele! I love it!

  5. jackie says:

    So adorable! Minis are a live and learn process! It’s really big – and I love the coordinated papers – way to go!

  6. Really cute! Thanks for sharing this with me!

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