Guest Scrapping

I’m a hard-core dancer.  Like, I’ll travel huge distances and dance for insane numbers of hours til silly o’clock in the morning.  I go every Monday when I go into London to teach my class at Queen Mary University of London.  The other week, one of my online Scrapping MB friends sent me a link to her blog.  It had this darling video of her DD and Nephew doing a Cha-Cha at the school’s talent show.  They were so adorable.  So, obviously, being scrapbookers, the first question I ask is, ‘Have you scrapped these photos?  I wanna see!’  And I was amazed when she said that she just hadn’t been able to figure out something to do.  So I asked if she’d mind if I gave it a shot.  I’d taken one look at the photos and thought of the old Gershwin song ‘I Got Rhythm’.  So Miss Thang agreed and sent me the files to print off.  I got bogged down in PhD deadline stuff for a bit, so today’s the first day I had a chance to do anything with it.  I’m really pleased with the results!  It’s an 8×8, and it’s very simple, but just so much fun.  The font is ‘Gatsby’ which fits the same era as the song lyrics, and the sharp angles and clean lines are also very Art Deco, as are the strong colours.  I went over the red lettering with a red glitter pen to give it just a bit of punch.Anything MoreThanks, Miss Thang, for letting me play in your photos!


2 thoughts on “Guest Scrapping

  1. Beth says:

    Wow! Great job Adele, love the simple lines and choice of font. Don’t you have enough to do? Now you are scrapping others photos:))

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