Progress for Christmas

I’ve been practicing on the chipboard cutting thing. I think I’ve just about got it sorted. Some of them are actually looking pretty good. Others, a little shaky. However, because I’m going to cover them, I figure that it doesn’t matter if they’re a bit scared in the preliminary steps.  Basically, what I’ve learnt was, start off with the blade length on 3.  Cut.  Unload mat.  Reload mat.  Increase blade length to 4.  Cut.  Unload mat.  Reload mat.  Increase blade length to 5.  Cut.  I’ve not had success in cutting on either 5.5 or 6, but that might be just me.  After I finished cutting with the Cricut, I had to go in with a straight blade (Stanly/Exacto Knife) and finish the cut.  That was hard work, but because the Cricut did the first 1/2, I was able to follow the line, and the cut was (mostly) smooth.  It needs some sanding, though I’ve taken the worst of the edges off already.  When I cover them, they’ll need to be sanded, anyway.  So.  That’s how things stand on the Technique end.

For this particular project, they’re shaped like the US Rout Shield (like, Rout 66). It was a road trip with my Gran, from Florida to Michigan. I could have used the Interstate Shield, but the US Rout has that cool swoop, whereas the Interstate ones are just rounded. I cut them with the Cricut ‘Going Places’ Cart. They’re 6×6. I’ve currently got 16, but I’ve got 4 more sheets of chipboard, so if I need to, I can double them. But 16 sheets = 32 sides, which really means 30 pages, because the front and back won’t be normal.

Anyway, this is what it looks like so far:

Grandma Sheild SingleGrandma Sheild Multiple


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