Scrapping Spaces

I’ve been working hard the past two days:  I reorganised my entire Scrapping System.

1.  I started in the Kitchen and emptied the cupboard where I store all my Scrap supplies (yes, my kitchen’s big enough that I have sufficient space to devote an entire cupboard – one of the 2 largest! – to SB supplies!)

  • I laid all the CS (solid colours) out along my counter and divided them into colours, then within colours to shades.
  • I redid the shelf heights so I could stand the paper up, rather than laying it down.
  • I organised it like the rainbow: White (all colour), Black (no colour), Translucent (all the velums together.  I don’t have that many, and it’s mostly white) Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Blue, Purple, Grey and Brown.  This means I can access just the one piece of paper I want, rather than having to shift the whole lot of paper to get at one piece 2/3rds of the way down.

2.  I sorted out the scraps of paper situation

  • I trimmed all the papers, getting rid of anything that’s mostly gone (I have a Cricut machine, and it leaves loads of not very useful scraps) and things that I just don’t really like.
  • I sorted the papers into Black, White, Solids, Big Pattern and Little Pattern.
  • I sorted everything except B/W into Long (6-12″), Short (under 6″), 4×4 and 6×6 Squares.
  • That all went into my paper caddy, which slotted in perfectly next to my CS stash!

3. Sorted through the PP.  This was a little more challenging.

  • Anything that was loose (as in I bought it as a one off, not in a stack) I just piled up, because I have to sort through that all every time, anyway.  That’s all laying flat on the shelf next to the scraps caddy.
  • Anything in a stack went on the next shelf down. I organised the stacks into colour types.  They start from Neutrals/Pastels and go into Bright/Jewels and finish with Florescent/Citrus.
  • Again, these are standing up, so that I can just pull out the colour range I’m working on right now.

4. The bottom shelf got all my cutting stuff (paper cutter, guillotine, Cricut mats . . .)

It looks so beautiful, I keep going in and opening the door, just to see how pretty it looks!  And it totally makes me want to Scrap!  (That’s both good and bad.  Good, because I’m getting things done – or will be now that I’ve finished the reorganisation.  Bad, because I’m in danger of neglecting my PhD!)

Scrapping Spaces Kitchen 1Scrapping Spaces Kitchen 2

5.  Then, today I moved into the Sitting Room to tackle the Desk.  That was quite a lot harder, because it’s mostly a bunch of little, only vaguely related bits.

  • Started by emptying the whole desk and then polishing it (it’s an antique, so needs a bit of polish every twice in a while).
  • The I went through and put stuff into various piles (Travel, Bling, Journaling, Pens, Love, Family, Floral, Animals . . .)
  • Then I put all the pens into a plastic box, and all the bits into plastic bags by groups.
  • I put all the letters (chipboard and metal) and metal words and tags into one box.
  • All the stamps and inks (I don’t have that many) went into the drawer, along with the adhesives, 3D foam, metal leaf, flocking and ribbon.
  • Glitter glue (I refuse to use loose!  I just can’t deal with the mess), tiny alpha stamps, tiny stamp pads, circle cutter, currently being used adhesive, scissors, circle cutter, rulers and a few special embelies went in the cubbies on the top of the desk.

I’m really pleased with the drawer and the desk top, and bits of the under-area.

Scrapping Spaces Desk 2Scrapping Spaces Desk 3

However, I’m not thrilled with the bag system.

Scrapping Spaces Desk Stuff

It’s awkward,  difficult and annoying.  It doesn’t make it easy to keep things orgainsed, because I have to drag it all out of the cupboard and then pull everything out of the bags to sort through it.  Every time.  Even to put things away!  I’m looking for a better system.  If you’ve got any ideas, that’d be really helpful, so please, leave a comment!


2 thoughts on “Scrapping Spaces

  1. Livia says:

    What do you store in the bags? Could you put them in clear plastic boxes instead?

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