A Scrapblog You Ask?

What is a Scrapblog?  It’s a place for me to post and share as I wander through my photographic life journey.  I’ve got a lovely blog here where you can find out what’s going on in my non-scrapping life.  This way I don’t have to bore my non-Scrappy friends with details of my Scrappy life.  I will be putting more than just scrapbooking projects up here.  Anything that I’m hand crafting (ex: my calligraphy pieces) will also get displayed.

So, lets start.  Since February I’ve been working on my Sister’s wedding album.  She got married 5 years ago in August.  Why the delay?  She never got me the photos!  I’ve been working at it since the day the photos arrived, thank you very much.  And between February and June, I was scrapping in a foreign country!  Funnily enough, that foreign country is my native country.  See, I’d been offered the chance to go to my undergraduate university and teach for a term.  That was too good of a CV building opportunity for a lowly PhD student to miss.  So I packed up my house, rented it out to some Uni friends (only responsible ones, obviously) and moved from England to the United States.  I really spent 6 months in a rather peripatetic state.  My lovely extended family offered me places to sleep, but you know how it is.  None of it was home, even my sister’s house, though that was closest.  Long story short (too late!) I had a wonderful time, but it made for difficult scrapping conditions.  So most of what I’ve accomplished has been done in June-October.  Oh, except that I spent 3 weeks of June in Germany/Netherlands.  And 2 weeks of September in Russia.  And most of July flat on my back with the worst sinus infection since I lived in Chile!  Yep.  Lots of good reasons to not have completed the album.  However, I’m getting close!  And you’ve no idea how excited I am.  I’ve finished all the LOs (Lay Outs) about the wedding and the reception(s) and I’m  just left with the Honeymoon, which really isn’t that many at all.  The end is visible!

Some particular gems of the collection (click on a photo to see the close up):


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