Inspired By – Backyard Birds

Hello everyone!  Hope your summer is going great (for those in the Northern Hemisphere.  For those of you down south, well… hang in there… summer’s on it’s way!)

 My family is big on birds and feeding birds, so this month’s photo was such a perfect match for us.

July Inspired By Photo


Loving the bottle feeder.  It’s gorgeous.

 My brother-in-law loves taking bird/nature photos, and he’s done quite a few out the front window.  It’s been such fun getting to know all the local bird varieties.  We obviously knew some of them, but it’s been fabulous to learn others, like the Grosbeak and Tanager.

Adele’s July Inspired By LO

Who knew there were so many yellow/orange birds in the desert in the United States!  Pretty awesome to watch.  The group splashing and the one vertical photo next to it, they’re the same species: Evening Grosbeak.  The left hand photo is of females, the right, of a male.  My sister’s been attracting such a wide variety of birds since she set up the birdbath.

To make my background, I started with a plain piece of white cardstock.  Then I used a variety of distress stamps and TH Distress Inks.  I used several different washi tapes, ripping them to make them more distress-y.  Finally I drew the splash spots and went over the top with Glossy Accents.  It’s an easy way to add a bit of realism to wet pages.

Don’t forget to upload the photo to your blog, or to our FB page and leave us a link here on the blog.  Be sure to let us know what you were inspired by!  Thanks for playing along!

CSI/ARTastic July CaseFile

We still have two weeks left in this challenge, so head on over to CSI and ARTastic to get up and running with this beautiful challenge!

CSI/ARTastic Case File

I actually solved this in two different ways.  First, I had fun with some Geeky Whovian photos I took with Mooney:

CSI/ARTastic Case File - Solved!

CSI/ARTastic Case File – Solved!

My Evidence is:

  • Stripes
  • Polkadots
  • Distressed Edges
  • Transportation Accents (My TARDIS – it’s a space/time ship.  Totally transportation!)
  • Sand-like Substance (Embossing Powder)

My Testimony is:

One Little Word – Allons-y

The journaling reads: “The 10th Doctor’s cathphrase is French for, “Let’s Go!”  I’ve always loved that phrase.  It fits my “Carpe Diem” attitude so well.

My Dad always said, “Let’s do something, even if it’s wrong,” a phrase that as a kid, always confused me.  But the older I get, the more that resonates with me.  I would rather be with memories of things I have done, than things I haven’t.”


And because I couldn’t resist…. I did a second LO for this challenge.  I mean… the inspiration photo is of an Australian travel poster.  I couldn’t resist!

CSI/ARTastic Case File - Solved!

CSI/ARTastic Case File – Solved!

My Evidence is:

  • Distressed Edges
  • Stripes
  • Scallops
  • Polkadots
  • Transportation Elements
  • Silhouette
  • Sand-like Substance (Errr…. Sand.  Just… Sand.)

My Testimony is:

Use Stripes as Journaling Lines.

Journaling reads: “I love to Travel.  There is little more wonderful in this world than going somewhere you’ve never been before.”

Now, the story behind the shoes (because I’ve been asked several times) is really not very exciting.  I’d just flown into Melbourne (from New Zealand, so I wasn’t jetlagging) and my friend had met me at the airport.  She took me on a drive along the Great Coastal Road, which was… wow.  Impressive.  Deserves the “Great”.  We stopped at the memorial gate, and I took my shoes and socks off to get my feet in the sand.  I hooked the shoes over the fence so that I wouldn’t lose them.

CSI Catchup

Wow, I cannot believe June is gone and July is half gone!  It’s been a busy busy busy summer already, and my busiest season is still to come!

I got behind on posting my CSI LOs, so this is going to be a photo heavy post.  Unfortunately, most of these case files have already been closed, but don’t forget… there’s a new one posted every Friday!  And there’s often one that’s a special month long challenge.  Come play along!

These are all my “Closed” files since my last upload.  I’ll do a separate post for the current challenge.

Case File 125 - Solved

CSI: 125 – Solved

CSI: 126 - Solved

CSI: 126 – Solved

CSI: 127 - Solved

CSI: 127 – Solved

CSI: 128 - Solved

CSI: 128 – Solved

CSI: 129 - Solved

CSI: 129 – Solved

CSI/365: 6 - Solved

CSI/365: 6 – Solved

CSI: 130 - Solved

CSI: 130 – Solved

Case File: 125 – Solved

There’s another CSI case open for investigation!

Come Solve the Case File

Come Solve Case File 125!

I totally love these fresh colours.  I chose a photo from my visit to the Hobbiton Film Set in New Zealand.  Its a gorgeous place, and I totally geeked out there!

Case File 125 - Solved

Case File 125 – Solved

To make the background, I punched the scallops, then adhered them to the back of my grey paper, and trimmed it back to 12×12 size.  Then I used a quadrefoil stencil and embossing paste to make the middle strip.  The pale teal is a washi tape by Scotch.  The wood texture is a stencil that I used fibre paste with, then sprayed with graphite glimmer mist whilst it was still wet.  Super easy, but such a cute result!  I used Rock Candy crackle paint on the glass areas of the lamp post, and distress stickles on the letters.

The journaling starts off with a quote from Albert Einstine: “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales.  If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”  I’m a hugely voratious reader, and I particularly love the science fiction and fantasy genres.  I love imagining what could be!  That’s the key to the future.

So, come along and join in with the other detectives and solve the case!

CSI 124 – Solved

Good afternoon!  I’m a bit late getting this up, but hey… here it is!  Here’s the case file for CSI’s 124:

Case File 124

Case File 124

This one was a bit tougher for me, because I’m not usually one who goes in for flowers, nor pink/purple.  But when I sat down and thought through…. I remembered these awesome photos I took when I was in Australia.  The Victoria State Rose Gardens are housed at Wirribee Park.  Such a neat place, and the flowers were amazing.

Case File 124 - Solved

Case File 124 – Solved

The background is a combination of gell/stencil and spray ink.  After it dried, I added stickles to give it a bit of depth.  The yellow roses were white, but I sprayed them with yellow ink, bunt not all over.  Just bits.  Then I used yellow stickles over the top to give them a little more punch.

The journaling prompt I chose was magic, and to go along with that, I added some fairy wings to the LO.  If you look closely, you’ll see them.

Victoria State Rose Garden Details 1 Victoria State Rose Garden Details 3 Victoria State Rose Garden Details 2

CSI 123 – Solved

It’s reveal day once again over on CSI!

This week’s case file was super fun to work with:

Case File 123

Case File 123

I totally fell in love with those beautiful colours.  And the whimsy was very fun, too.

To solve the case I chose some photos from my visit to the Melbourne, Australia Aquarium.  (If you’re ever there, it is well worth a visit.)

Case File 123 - Solved

Case File 123 – Solved

The scene uses all 5 colours.

  • Mixed Media Background
  • Jewels
  • Dragon/Creature
  • Drape Something

I chose an Angel Fire Prompt: Journal about a time you’re heart was racing from fear.
Journaing reads:
The Aquarium in Melbourn was amazing.

I particularly loved the salt water croc tank.  They had observation “bubbles” inside the tank.  You could crawl under and pop up in an acrylic bubble set into the floor to get a closer look.

When I was there, the croc was nearly pressing up against it, so when I popped up, my nose was about 2 inches from his elbow.  My heart (irrationally) did a hiccup.

Primal Fear.


I took the colour pallet to be “blood in the water.”  That was the look I was going for.  To enhance that effect, I used a stencil and some Rock Candy Crackle Paint (it’s clear.  LOVE that stuff!), then dropped some calligraphy acrylic ink over the top to let it ooze down, like if the croc had bashed against the pane of glass, fracturing it and leaving some blood behind.  I think it turned out pretty awesome.

Smashed Pane

Smashed Pane

The background is two different colours of ink (blue calligraphy acrylic ink and teal Dylutions spray ink) that I splattered in random spots around the page, then sprayed water over and let them mix and mingle.  Once it was dry I used acrylic paint and a BoBunny edging stamp to do the edge of the paper.  Finally adding the crackle paint at the end.

Ok, you’ve got a week to solve it yourself!  So head on over to CSI and have a crack!